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Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
I agree, we need a option upfront (Higuain needs to leave), Milik is a different type of player that we have, still I feel he is underrated, he is a good box player, but still quite good with the ball to.

As you said, Berna leaves to, a big plus if that happens. Douglas Costa and Higuain out would save alot of money. Milik and Zaniolo in would be nice. With Zaniolo and Kulusevski we would have 2 young players with potential to be WC, both can play mulitiply positions to. Would not be suprised if one of them (if Zaniolo arrives) would be tested as a mezzala.

Zaniolo/Kulusevski Arthur Bentancur

Zaniolo/Kulusevski Dybala Ronaldo

Milik as a supersub.

Would still hope we get another midfielder, but it could work. Kulusevski said himself he played alot as a mezzala before, his best position according to himself is trequartista. What I like alot is both has the ability to run with the ball forward,

I have a strong feeling Zaniolo will come to Juve.
if just Rabiot made our midfield look nice ... what will happen if Zani & Kulu paired with the co....DREAMY MIDFILED for 10 years


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Jul 23, 2008
Di Marzio now talking about the Milik deal. Nothing that we dont know yet; we’ve a agreement with Milik, they want Bernardeschi in return. They should go in negotiations now with him, he’s using a new agent and they need to negotiate something with his image rights. If they fail to get a agreement with Berna, they’d like Pellegrini or Romero. Di Marzio talking imo means that negotiations are starting to look like something.

I fully understand that a lot of you guys don’t want Milik. There are more interesting names, I’d love to have Gabriel Jesus for example.

Still at this point I’m hoping that we make this happen. This would solve two problems: selling Bernardeschi and getting a CF. Meanwhile he’s a bit younger than the alternatives (Zapata, Dzeko, Cavani), and a lot cheaper than Higuain. Therefore I say it’s a good transfer. He’s also a bit underrated. Obviously no world class striker but good as bench option.
I don't think its a good choice to buy Milik
And i feel Napoli would make a good deal. They already bought Osimhen for 50m + some players. And if we buy Milik whose contract will be expired in 1 year for 20m or even 40m We basically funded them to buy Osimhen.

I actually prefer if we can look for a very great young striker like Napoli buy Osimhen. He is strong, fast, and has a very good finishing. He looks like Eto'o

And for Jesus, i also dont think he is a suitable striker for us. Even when he played often lately he doesnt score enough goal. Sterling has more goal than him after season restarted and Aguero injured

Please no Milik, Ramsey anymore


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Jan 26, 2009
Highest Bidder?! :rofl: :howler:

I think we're the only team retarded enough to take a chance on an average striker with two cracked knees on an expiring contract. I just really hope they take Bertha. Otherwise, this deal is utterly meaningless.


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Apr 25, 2013
Looks like we aren't paying 50m for him afterall lmao.

He isn't an "exciting" signing, but it's for a backup position, and he fits the profile of a box striker with aerial ability we can sub in in 70th minute when needing a goal against a parked bus. And he's better than current, past-it Higuain, who's also a financial burden.

Injury concerns are also overstated. Nothing has happened in two years. Doesn't mean coast is clear, but it's not a guaranteed will happen again level uber high risk scenario.


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Jun 9, 2012
Well, the good thing is there won't be any tinkering with Cr7 - Dybala partnership. You just need that proper winger (Kulu? Zaniolo?) To make the trident complete, because Berna and DC are unreliable.
Milik won't be bitching about playing time for sure, he comes to be that rotational CF. It has to be said though that he's frustrating as fuck. Misses sitters left and right but usually he's useful as that target man to bring others into play. Just don't expect him to do anything on his own Dybala/CR7 style. He needs service.


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Oct 31, 2012
Bloody hell...why are we signing another serie A player. I get that he is performing decently in the league, but we need players to give us that edge in Champions League.

Honestly, even getting ageing zlatan will be good.


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Jan 5, 2006
I am only worried about his injury record.

Let's be honest no one will buy Berna, so swapping him with a player in a position we need (I believe Higuain will leave) who is still 26 won't be the end of the world. His numbers are not bad at all.


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May 26, 2009
I am only worried about his injury record.

Let's be honest no one will buy Berna, so swapping him with a player in a position we need (I believe Higuain will leave) who is still 26 won't be the end of the world. His numbers are not bad at all.

Milik is no world beater, but he’s a fairly consistent goal scorer at a good age who knows the league and gives us a reference point upfront. And if we can get rid of that pile of garbage Berna at the same time, amazing.
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