Arab World Mourns UAE President Sheikh Zayed (2 Viewers)


Doctor Asma
Oct 21, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Gandalf ] ++

I couldn't attend his burial.. :(

my friends and I went that day to attend his burial, but all the street that leads to the big mosques were closed except one that leads to the Airport road.. the police were leading people to the wrong direction so there won't be any traffic jams or crowdness problems... (it was announced that the prayer will be held at the big mosque, but in fact it wa held at Shaikh Zayed Al Thany Mosque)

thousands were waiting, but nothing happens.. till we realized that we were fooled and went back to the other mosque, but the burial ceremony has finished..

that sucks, all we want to do is to pray for him before he goes to his last abode.. and attend his burial, they didn't let do that.. :(
well,he was buried in sheik sultan bin zayed's should probably go to read al-fat7ah 3la roo7ah el-6ahra..i want to go there aswell :sad:

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