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Aug 12, 2004
Juventus: Petit del Benfica nel mirino?
Giovedì, 18 novembre @ 18:05:00 CET

La Juventus e' molto attenta alle prestazioni del centrocampista difensivo del Benfica, Petit, classe 1976.
A rivelarlo e' la rivista francese "Onze Mondial", che assicura quanto il club bianconero sia interessato al nazionale portoghese.
Secondo la rivista francese, la Juventus avrebbe inviato suoi emissari a visionare Petit durante le partite Benfica-Porto e Portogallo-Russia.

My transalation: Juventus are very intrested in the defensive-midfielder of benefica. The newspaper ''onze mondial'' said that juve has sent ppl to see petit play durin benfica vs porto and portogallo vs russia.

dyu think we are aiming to get him for free?
its srange but juve are realy intrested in these type of players: mutu, campell, petit ....

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Aug 31, 2004
I dont want such a player, when we take a Defenisve Midfield player then a young, for example Mascherano, Ledesma from Lecce or a player like Fabregas of Arsenal, only a young player that have a future, or de rossi but he have a new contract.


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Mar 16, 2004
I was scared there for a second, Emmanuel Petit at Juve? :wth:

This Petit is not bad though; he is a tough tackler and an okay passer. But as John said, he is not really Juve quality.


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Nov 10, 2003
are we talking about the French Petit or the Portugese Petit?

for me both of them are useless anyway:lazy:


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Jan 31, 2003
maybe tacchinardi wants to leave since he is on bench all the time. we have blasi who is a pure DM as such and appiah who is abit more offensive than blasi.

i think we might have to accept that tacchinardi may not be happy anymore and would like to move on.

i agree with going for a younger player such as mascherano, but their is stiff comp to get him.


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Jul 14, 2002
Why're we looking at defensive midfielders? If we're not going to go for someone like Mascherano or De Rossi why go for anyone at all? I see Emerson ending his career in Turin and Blasi and Appiah have futures ahead of them.


Sep 23, 2003
I'm guessing we're talking about the Portuguese international Petit (plays for Trap's Benfica). He's a decent but non-descript player, IMO. I think of him as the defensive mirror of what an Appiah was last season for us. Fills a role, but watching a match you almost forget that he's there.

If he comes cheap, he might be worth a look. But he won't be an impact player, and I suspect that he will have a hard road trying to fit into a team like Juve -- given how typically hard it is for players who aren't French or Italian to adjust to us.


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Jan 31, 2003
by looking for a DM, it obvious that tacchinardi wants out. he doesnt have a future at juve anyway and he deserves to start, he has earned that right. he cant do it at juve, move on..simple.

we have blasi and appiah. both good players, even if appiah hasnt shown his full worth for the club as yet. we need back up for emerson unless olivera is gonna be that player.

if a DM comes in, he cant be young cuz what does the future hold for him with appiah and blasi there? so getting a player who is capable of doing well and has some experience isnt such a bad idea.

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