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Jun 9, 2003
Ancona President arrested
Saturday 7 August, 2004

Ancona’s troubles go from bad to worse after accusations of fraud, while Como and Napoli wait on the courts.

The club finished bottom of the table in Serie A last season, but failed to prove its financial security for the new campaign and was excluded from Serie B.

President Ermanno Pieroni tended his resignation and is now under arrest following accusations of fraud.

As nobody has come forward to take advantage of the Lodo Petrucci rule, it seems as if Ancona will have to start again in the amateur divisions.

That is a fate that will not now befall Como, who were initially excluded from Serie C1 due to their financial problems. Today the CONI arbitration commission ruled that Como must be readmitted to C1.

The future of Napoli remains in the balance despite Luciano Gaucci finally buying out the club for £30m to be paid over five years, shelving his unpopular plans to merely ‘rent’ the side.

“We have completed the contracts,” explained the new Napoli President. “I gave the bankruptcy tribunal all the financial guarantees it needed, including my real estate businesses as collateral. Now we can only hope the FIGC can listen to its conscience and let Napoli stay in Serie B.”

This is increasingly unlikely, as the Federation has made it clear that SSC Napoli is bankrupt and therefore unable to hang on to its slot in the second division.

Gaucci’s only option, pending a change of heart or order from the courts, is to register for the Lodo Petrucci before August 12 and start with a new club in Serie C1, or be relegated to the amateur League.

“I want Serie B and that is what we must get,” he added. “I and the tribunal will move to do justice and give Napoli what it deserves.”

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