Amr Diab Suffers a Second Heart-Attack (1 Viewer)


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Oct 3, 2002
Egyptian singer Amr Diab has suffered yet another heart attack last week, consequently canceling a concert in Dubai. This incident marks the second time the singer/actor faces a heart problem since he has moved to his new residence in Lebanon recently. According to the London-based daily, Al Quds Al Arabi, the calling off the concert caused quite a row among fans who had already bought their tickets. The angry mob was ignorant as to why Diab hadn’t showed up. Anyways, they ended up getting their ticket money back. The singer has refrained from giving out any details regarding his health condition and is following doctor’s orders, avoiding any extensive exercise or extra activity. Diab had expressed his fear of having to quit his career due to his heart condition, but doctors assured him that he can continue about his career as long as he knows when to stop and take a deep breath.
what the hell:(?is he ok now:frown:?

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