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Oct 28, 2010
Are you one of Mr. Orange's sympathizers? :p

Great game btw.

What's happening with the 76ers btw? (yeah, wrong thread)
no, I think he’s a retard puppet.

Sixers will play great at home and then lose on the road, it’s kinda funny how consistent the pattern is.

doesn’t look like the new team works that well together, we miss guys like butler, shamet, belinelli and Redick. If we had kept those, we’d probably be on a better spot by now.

there is still a lot of talent there so once they make the playoffs, anything can go.


Sep 23, 2003
The XFL should go all out to succeed. Get sponsorship by the Sackler family and sell OxyContin on uniforms. Give out awards to the players with the most felonies and misdemeanors in the season. Host "Wife-Beater Wednesday Night Football" where fans put on XFL-branded wife-beaters while yelling at their woman to make them a sandwich. Teams should be allowed one shiv per half though.


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Sep 16, 2003
Say what you want about the quality on the field for now, but some of the things they implemented, such as the kickoff rule, were excellent. The 1, 2, or 3 PAT is cool as well

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