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Jul 5, 2014
damn smartphone "with our" not without.

Ye he renewed for what? 4.5? 5m? net?
Should go back to what he was.
Last season was horrible. This season with ups and downs

Maybe we really need a new manager someone who can spice up things a bit.


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Apr 5, 2018
He is not a problem. Very good player, but because he is not as dominant in attack as a couple of years ago, everybody seems to have turned on him. What they dont notice is that he improved a lot defensively, to a degree were Allegri feels comfortable using him in a back three.
We should keep the fullbacks as is. We have enough to do trying to rebuild the midfield and ad another CB.
This is all that needs to be said about his play. He’s proven to be a bit above average offensively and a bit above average defensively. As another poster says, not our biggest problem.

I will say, if someone should offer 60m, if must say sell and invest those funds elsewhere. Spazzicomica is at least an adequate replacement and at best, a better player.

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Oct 2, 2013
With our injury fuck ups I can't trust Spina to take his role but if we can find a decent left back to rotate with Spina and milk this guy for a lot of Money I'd love to see him go. Two seasons of pure regression. If he was always a squad player I'd be fine with him but going from second best LB in the world to this is just hard to watch.

He still has a reputation and he's still good as a pure defender I bet united would love to have him considering their full backs are arguably worse than ours were in 2009

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