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Mar 6, 2003
He hasnt performed for several years at the level he did in his first season. Occasionally you can see some good moves and he can be sound defensively. But the way he played in his first season made him arguably the best LB in the world or pretty damn close to Marcelo. These days I feel he is doing the bare mininum, no obvious mistakes but he aint really running past defenders at the rate he did, his crosses are inaccurate for most part, etc... maybe he needs a change of scenery to find motivation again. Idk something aint right with his game for a long while and maybe Spinazzola isnt the answer but we deserve hell of a lot better games from him.
Feel the same.

He has years like this. If i had to single a point where i remember this started, it was years ago when the chelsea saga hit him, i think he wanted to move for the money but beppe blocked the sale. After that summer he never was the same

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