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Jun 17, 2011
We still need someone of quality as a backup either way. To sell him, I'm not sure would be the right move unless we have a good name waiting.

Plus we all know what he's capable of on his day.
Oct 23, 2011
I mean.. let's make sure Spina (even though I really liked his performances so far) is consistent over the next year? Being a starter LB, and having those high expectations that come with it is a completely different ballgame than being utilized as a (great) backup.


Mar 6, 2003
Anyways, if we sell sandro we need to look for another LB... so if thats the case, he can continue fighting it with spinazzola.

The thing is, if sponazola benches him..we will have a very expensive benchwarmer.


Dec 17, 2007
Happy to have both obviously :baus:

Sandro does need to up his game tho. He’s way shakier defensively and doesn’t seem as willing to take on players and beat them with pure speed/pace as he used to before.
He hasn't performed bar the odd game since his first season
All he has over spina currently is that he's more physical


May 23, 2011
Guys chill, Spina had one good game for us (maybe two) while Sandro is beast LB.
He hasnt performed for several years at the level he did in his first season. Occasionally you can see some good moves and he can be sound defensively. But the way he played in his first season made him arguably the best LB in the world or pretty damn close to Marcelo. These days I feel he is doing the bare mininum, no obvious mistakes but he aint really running past defenders at the rate he did, his crosses are inaccurate for most part, etc... maybe he needs a change of scenery to find motivation again. Idk something aint right with his game for a long while and maybe Spinazzola isnt the answer but we deserve hell of a lot better games from him.

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Jul 11, 2016
Guys chill, Spina had one good game for us (maybe two) while Sandro is beast LB.
Every game that i have watched him play he has stood out in a really good way. Didn't matter if is was for Juve, Atalanta or the national team. He just needs to play more.

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and i'll even add to that and say he is even going to become one of our best. I just get that feeling. Like many are saying, he reminds me Zambrotta. He's just one of those guys that's always going all out and playing at 110% and yet he is also technical. Sandro just seems to be regressing and i have no clue why
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Sep 4, 2006
How about we Change the position of Matuidi and Sandro?

I believe he could have a future in the center. His attributes are more suited for a midfielder
nah for a side that relies so much on wide play and crossing to break down opposition I don't think we want Matuidi as LB

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