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Jul 25, 2001
The singer
Tiziano Ferro, 22 years old, was born and raised in Latina, a small village near Rome in Italy. He got in touch with the music industry in the local Piano bar, before entering a local gospel choir. After knocking on the doors of several record companies, EMI decided to offer him a contract in 2001.
What’s so special about Tiziano Ferro is that his music is truly and totally his. He has written, composed and sang all songs on the album himself!

The album
'Rosso Relativo’ is his first album and when put into categories it would probably end up somewhere between Pop music and RnB.
The album kicks of with 'Le cose che non dici’, one of the songs that leans more to the pop aspect of the album. 'Primavera non è più’ and 'L’olimpiade’ are the two other songs belonging in that category.
These songs are followed by 'Mai nata’, 'Di più’, 'Boom-boom’ and 'Soul-dier’. All of them bluesy RnB songs that can carry you (and your girlfriend ;) ) to another level. These songs have quit a strong gospel influence as does the singer himself.
Latin rhythm songs are 'Rosso relativo’ and 'Perdono’. The last one has been launched on single throughout Europe this summer and has stormed the charts in most countries.
Next flow on the album are the ballads 'L’Olimpiade’ and 'Il confine’. These songs tell the story of vanished love and troublesome relationships.
The album closes of with 'Il bimbo dentro’. This song is all about the singer; “'Il bimbo dentro’ (the child within – wr) describes me. In the eleven songs before I show the listener all aspects of me and my life, in the last song I let the listener in on my most important aspect.”

'Rosso Relativo’ is the debut album of a new Italian singer with the potential to match Eros Ramazzotti and Zucchero. It combines many different flows of music that are popular today in a way not matched by any other European artist so far. “Music is passion but differs in opinion”, Tiziano explains. Surely anybody should be able to find a favourite song on this diverse album!

Written by: Erik.
Thanks to: EMI & Tiziano Ferro.
© August 2002

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