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May 4, 2004
Juve mourn Agnelli, Capello close

Juventus are a club in mourning as The Old Lady's honorary president Umberto Agnelli passed away on Thursday, while Roma boss Fabio Capello is close to moving to Turin.
Agnelli, who was the president of the Fiat car company, died on Thursday after losing his long battle against cancer.

The death is the second to hit the family in the last year, as Umberto's brother Gianni also lost a long battle against cancer.

The Turin club will now enter a period of mourning and all future plans will be placed on the back-burner.

Juventus will now put the announcement of a new coach on hold.

Monaco boss Didier Deschamps has been widely tipped to replace Marcello Lippi at the helm of the Turin giants, but Roma boss Fabio Capello has emerged as a shock contender.

Deschamps said after Monaco's defeat to Porto in the final of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday that he would not be rushed into making a decision on his future.

He was widely expected to join the club he graced as a player over the summer, but it is now being claimed Capello is considering quitting Rome for Turin.

Capello has reportedly become frustrated by Roma's lack of clout in the transfer market and is attracted by the prospect of taking Juve back to the top of the Serie A tree.

Nothing is expected to be announced for the moment, but sections of the Italian media are claiming Capello is Juve's preferred choice ahead of Deschamps and that a deal is close to being struck.

omg... why sad things keeps on coming up... now im gonna cry... and if that wasent enogh, now we wont know who the new coach is. becuase the transfer things will be on hold becuase of the death!! :down:

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Mar 14, 2004

I just woke up and saw this news.....horrific. Agnelli died and we got this mutta-fukker Capello. He my be a good coach but he represented the clubs I hated the most. DAMMN

I go burn the joint for breakfast to get a hold on myself.....


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Jul 12, 2002
We have threads for both of these happenings, and let's not deal with them as one because they happened on the same day. It would be an unnecessary mix of happines and mourning.
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