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Nov 18, 2004
Its Really sux

Pierce Brosnan has Nothing to do in this Movie

only one Thing i did like it in This Movie.. Salma Hayek with her Booobs -----> LoL ..Just Kidding.

i could not understand why did Pierce Brosnan Play This weak character after 007

honestly My opinion

it does Not worth to watch it ... disjointed scenario at all

and i guess Pierce Brosnan will Not Play 007 anymore cuz of This Movie and His lately weak performance. Maybe he Got old for 007


Doctor Asma
Oct 21, 2003
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    so,you enjoy watching explicit love scenes? :D
    However,anything with Salma Haiek sucks :yuck:


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    Jan 24, 2003
    "A tired bore with a lot of French kissing," is the best comment I've read about it. Haven't seen the movie, but the critics think it's a bit crap.

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