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May 10, 2012
Hi, this isn't a problem or a bug, just a query I have.

I have a football forum (not team specific, just general football) I want to get out there as it's fairly new (7 months) but I don't want to post things on here without permission, because well I think that would be just wrong.

So can I do any of the following...

- send members PMs asking if they want to join?
- start a thread in the appropriate forum?
- Put the link to the website in my signature?

If not that's cool, but I was just wondering/hoping

I'm not expecting to steal any members as they're different types of forums and I'll give you my word that I will continue to post on here but I suppose that's all I can give you.

If anyone could help my questions then please answer.

Thank you,



Tickle Me
Oct 11, 2005
Members here have websites, blogs, etc. So it's pretty much standard to link your site through the signature.

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