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Sep 28, 2017
Rabiot checked out mentally when PSG froze him out and still hasn't recovered.

Danilo found a new role and was rejuvenated. I don't see a new role for Rabiot, he's too one-footed to play regista f.ex.

Good player on his day, but we ain't getting a full consistent season from him. He should leave in the summer and maybe he rediscovers himself again in another league. .
Aug 30, 2002
PSG didn't froze him out, he basically did it to himself. He refused to renew or stay or play in holding mid role etc. He was basically boycotting until they froze him out.

So mentally checking out can hardly be attributed to them. He fully created that situation.
Oct 3, 2018
What a disappointment he turned out to be was looking like at one stage he was starting to turn it on and now has just reverted back to being a passive bitch in midfield.
Must be torture to be a forward player in this team.

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