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Sep 4, 2006
What an amazing addition a well rounded and dynamic midfielder is to a team that sorely needed one. can hustle, pass, link up, make smart runs

its almost like we should sign another one for the left side ASAP rather than looking for midfielders because they are "market opportunities".

i want the next 80mil signing to be a player in this mold.


Jul 27, 2015
Really liked what i’ve seen from him individually so far, considering he is back after a long injury he had undeniably fared well so far, what i like most about him(and used to like about Khedira in previous seasons) is that he seems determined and also very much capable of scoring and creating danger through smart positioning in and around the oppositions goal, something which majority of our current CM’s seem to lack unfortunately.

P.S.: I’m not comparing the two, they are two very different players, as in Ramsey is more of a skillfull playmaker compared to Khedira’s primarily holding attributes, but they sure have that one aspect of the game in common.

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