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gigi's twin

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Mar 5, 2003
Hi everyone around! As I have never made any dedication threads, because of my numbers of posts, I decided to doit now. It was a long period here and not so! However a lot of things happened to me thanks to this forum, both positive and negative. But this time is for the positivities, so here are my dedications:

- Hydde you are clebrating with me, so my first words goes to you. Thanks for being my friend and competeing on posts with me for a short time. Now you won! :)

-Vit you are not around lately, but you were the first I met here and helped me to find my way here! Thank you! :kiss:

-Tom we aren't great friends, but I always liked you. And in an important period you stood by me. Maybe you don't remember, but thank you for being here!

-Lilianna the only one who I met in the real world as well! My best frien around! Thank you for everything and for being a great friend!:angel:

-Ivy we usually meet somewhere else in the space, but still you are great! Thanks for being here, and I promise I'll be here for you as well! Let us follow with :blah: :blah: as long as possible

-To everyone on the closed Buffononline section and in the new one you are the greatest! Thank you, that I can share my love for Gigi with you! I haven't seen some of you around for a while, I miss you! E.g. Anna and BloodOnMoral etc.

-To all the moderators thank you for your great job, though sometimes I don't like your decisions, I try to accept them!

-To the ones who are supporting other teams, like Milan, Inter, Roma thanks for being here and please always do try to tolerate our love for Juve and we promisse we will tolerate your love for your teams! ;)

-To everybody else who I forgot to mention Thank you for accepting me here, and I love all of you very much! :heart:

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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by gigi's twin ] ++
we promisse we will tolerate your love for your teams! ;)
Speak for yourself :p

Congrats gt, it's nice to have u around. I haven't talked to u much, but i'm sure an opportunity will present itself. Like now! :D Keep up the good work :cool:


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Jul 11, 2002

But you should also thank me, if i didnt make buffononline you never woulda came here :D

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