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Onye kwe, Chi ya ekwe
Nov 1, 2004
I thought you might like to hear about my friend's latest attempt to build a system.
He started out with an order to build a system for his sister. She asked him to do it as cheaply as possible and still have an OK system. So he went to New Egg.com and ordered the computer. It was a celeron 2.6 with 512 ram. Nothing special. He saw that they had nice cases for $28 so he ordered 2 of them. Total it came to about $450. It took one package 2 days to get to him, and the other 4 days. He then put the computer together and turned it on. It ran for like 5 minutes and the the Power Supply burnt.So he took the power supply out of the other case and it did the same thing. He called New Egg and told them what happened and they agreed to replace the case, CPU and mother board, but he'd have to pay shipping. Shipping came to $40. They also told him that they would ship my new parts as soon as they got his old ones. He told them that he couldn't wait 2 weeks to get the replacements so he reordered the parts and had them overnighted to him.He also ordered another case since one had to go back and he needed both.He shipped the case normal Fedex. It took New Egg 2 days to ship the order like normal but it took Fedex 2 days to deliver the overnight package. He got both the overnight and case orders at the same time. When he got the order he found out that New Egg sent him the wrong part he ordered a socket 478 and got a socket T. Also the case was busted. He then tested the new cases power supply with an ATX power supply tester and nothing...DOA. So he called New Egg again and told a supervisor what had happend and he said that the earliest that he could get the CPU was Monday. So he said no thanks just rma it with a refund. He called D&H and the guy he got told him that he would have it in hand no later than 3:00pm that day. He went up staples and bought 2 new power supplies totaling $115 for a 300w and 350w. 3:00pm came, and with it, no UPS. He called UPS and they said that they don't deliver to his area on Saturday but it will be there Monday.

It is sad that companys cant make good on what they sell be it part or service.

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Oct 19, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++
people should just walk to the store and buy the stuff
Agree. I'm waiting for an on-line purchase as we speak. It's late.

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