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Jun 9, 2003

A bunch of primadonnas
Florid English-speaking journalists like to refer to skilful players 'dancing' through opposition tackles, but for English second division side Queens Park Rangers FC, that could soon be the case after players took ballet lessons. The west London club accepted an offer from the English National Ballet to go through their paces alongside the ballet dancers. "They approached us because they were interested in our techniques for building stamina," explained the club's fitness coach Scott Rushton. "I realised there's a lot they can teach us about fitness so I arranged the first session for players and coaching staff at their training studio. I thought about how flexible ballerinas are and it went from there. This could help reduce injuries, speed up recovery times and extend playing careers." While the move was greeted with a fair amount of childish sniggering in the English press, the club's players seem to have felt the benefit of the experience. "There were a few reservations when we walked in the door," admitted team captain Steve Palmer. "It was more of a stretching and flexibility exercise but it was a good session for us." At this point uefa.com would usually insert a silly joke about QPR incorporating a tutu into their home kit next season. However, we are not going to bother this time.


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