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Nov 16, 2001
This is my 1000th post so I wanted to something special with it.
Firts I want to thank someone.
First Alex for making this possible.
Zizou for making the music section a bit more interesting.
Rickenbacker2 for lots of things.
Nekton for even more things.
denco for his great posts.

Other people that deserves to be mentioned for different reasons are: Paolo_Montero, Erik, Kaliman, BigIzz, Loppan, BloodOnMoral, IGOR, El Idiota, CRO_girl.

Anyhow, this was not the exact meaning of this thread. I have looked through the Music section and I couldn't find a place that really suits for this so I decided to make yet another thread. :)
Four days ago I deleted all the songs I have on my computer. Now after four days of downloading I have 20 songs. These are the absolute best songs ever made. The first song is the best, the second song is the second best and so on...

1. Where the streets have no name - U2 (true energy song)
2. All I want is you - U2 (best solo ever)
3. Black - Pearl Jam (good newer song)
5. November Rain - Guns n' roses
6. Hotel California - Eagles (classic intro)
7. Favourite mistake - Sheryl Crow
8. Easy (like sunday morning) - Lionel Richie (good wake up music)
9. Die Mauer - Ebba Grön
10. Rocketman - Elton John
11. Civil War - Guns n' Roses
12. Sun is shining - Bob Marley (ultimate drug song)
13. One - U2
14. The drugs don't work - The Verve
15. Anywhere is paradise - Stefan Andersson (great lyrics)
16. Cold as ice - MOP
17. Wish it would rain down - Phil Collins
18. More than a woman - BeeGees
19. Live Forever - Oasis
20. Black Magic woman - Santana


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Dec 13, 2002
Congrats Zambrotta! :thumb: :)

Cool new way to celebrate :cool: and you actually got some pretty good shit on that playlist :D


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Jun 4, 2003
i'm very sorry, but just today i saw this thread :embarass:
i want to wish you all the best in the world, to become as soon as possible a juventuz star :) and to keep posting wonderful playlists as the above one :D.
thank you for mentioning me :touched:


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Nov 16, 2001
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    Zizou, have you heard Coldplays live version of it? That one could perhaps have deserved a better spot.


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    Apr 21, 2003
    Colplay played LF live? Didn't know that, only knew they played Songbird live.

    Coldplay are their fans so I'm not surprised, and probably with their piano oriented music style, the song sounds quite good I guess.


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    Nov 16, 2001
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    ++ [ originally posted by Fliakis ] ++


    but really i find only 1/2 of songs good. eh, what to expect from a man who thinks that radiohead sucks
    Not much I guess :D

    I'll make a serious attempt to like Radiohead starting from today only to please you Fliakis. Which songs shall I start with?

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