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Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
what do u think guys ? goal.com

The former Ancona President, Ermanno Pieroni, has launched an astonishing attack at Juve’s Luciano Moggi for allegedly damaging football.
In an interview published by Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, Ermanno Pieroni has verbally assaulted the Bianconeri’s General Manager, Luciano Moggi.

According to Pieroni, Moggi controls eight Serie A teams and is trying to take control of other clubs apart from having a major say in where players and coaches end up.

“Moggi manages to control, through his men, eight teams of Serie A. In these weeks he’s applying pressure to enter in Roma. He wants to remove the Sports Director Franco Baldini to substitute him with Mariano Fabiani of Messina. He placed at Lazio a federal Sports Director like Gabriele Martino. He also has trusted men at Della Valle’s Fiorentina. Through Gea World he controls two hundred players and coaches. In the past weeks Siena made the best winter transfers. They took six quality players among whom a world class player like Tudor. Gigi Simoni was sacked by Gea.

“He boasted with me that every day he suggested solutions to the Federal President Franco Carraro. He retired De Sisti and Agroppi, two hostile coaches, and the next target is to close Boniek’s mouth as he likes to tell the truth on the Domenica Sportiva (Italian football TV program). He has friends everywhere: one of them is Pierluigi Pairetto, referee designator. Moggi has friends on all levels of the Italian football federation: in fact he never is interrogated, cautioned, punished. He’s a vindictive person; he has contributed to ruin this nice football and to destroy Ermanno Pieroni.”

Pieroni was recently imprisoned for corruption, however the former Perugia Sports Director claims that he only played a small part in a very corrupted football world and directly accused Moggi that it was his fault he ended up in prison as the Bianconero manager wanted revenge for the 1999/2000 season, where Juventus lost the Scudetto to Lazio on the last matchday against Pieroni’s Perugia.

“I lived in a corrupt football world but I only did the 10% of what I saw. If I had to reconstruct who made me pay for this, Moggi is on top of my list.”


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The Grimreaper
Jul 12, 2002
Moggi, risposta a Pieroni

“In merito alle dichiarazioni di Ermanno Pieroni, pubblicate oggi da un noto quotidiano nazionale, non ritengo opportuno replicare in quanto provenienti da un soggetto con evidenti problemi di natura personale. Considerando però la quantità di fantasie e menzogne presenti all’interno dell’intervista rilasciata da Pieroni, chiederò autorizzazione ad adire alle vie legali, qualora l’ex presidente dell’Ancona Calcio sia ancora tesserato. Nel caso in cui non lo fosse più, darò mandato ai miei avvocati a procedere, al fine di tutelare il sottoscritto a livello personale e in qualità di Direttore Generale della Juventus Football Club”.


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Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
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    it seems Moggi takes good lessions from Mafia....and now creates hiw own Mafia....Mafia soccer :D


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    Oct 27, 2004
    maybe. He is creating Mafia soccer though ;)

    we will see:



    --De Rossi-Emerson-Blasi



    WHahhahahahahhaha :p


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    Aug 14, 2002
    Very interesting thread indeed...I have never heard of these claims before but I suppose some of it is true, I mean Moggi is a very powerful person in Italian football, even his son is reportedly attempting to get a director role in Roma. Also, as Pieroni said, he never gets accused of anything and always gets out of things. I always thought he was just sly and smart, but if this is true it could mean serious trouble for Moggi and Juve.
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