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Apr 3, 2003
and yes...this is my 10.000 dedication thread...
i am very touched to open a thread like this,as,when i posted first time here...the nymber 10.000 was smg i thought i wasn't able even in 10 years to reach :LOL:

and now..after a year and a little more....
i am in the position to open a dedication thread and thank EVERYONE for helping me(in any way) reach here...

i want to apologise if i forgot someone-you are too many-and also want to say that the order your names will be put...it means nothing special.

the dedication is the one that really counts ;)

so,let's begin:

Ana : My beloved ana...my best friend...
sweety,you make this world better and also bring peace to my soul.I really think we are best friends,no matter how many kilometers are between us.I love you with all my heart and i want you to know that no matter what happens...you'll always be my friend and that you are the best person on the whole world :kiss:

Baggio -Deej :you have captured my heart...do you know that?? Be sure i'll never forget our plans and i will do my everything for them to come true...i love ya! :flirt:

Arturo :You were a real friend. I think that tells everything.You mean more to me than you think,and that i have let you believe.Just need to thank you for everything :touched:

Srecka :How could you sweety NOT be here?I love your threads and everytime you bring me joy when i read your pms ;) the 2 of us are becoming better friends day by day and i am really proud of that. :D

:You might wanted to leave us,but i think you know that at least here,from me,you'll always have your place here.Predivan si drug,i inace si jedna predivna osoba.Znaj da forum gubi jedna on njegovih najboljih.Ali cim neko izgubi ono sto ima,vidi koliko je vredelo.Svi ce se pokajati kada vide sta su uzgubili.Veruj mi,svi. Keep in touch :thumb:

Gray :You make fun of me sometimes but it doesn't matter :p i know you love me and you know you were always special to me :flirt:

Freddy :You are a bit "cold" to me latetly and it might be my fault-who knows?But still...to me nothing changed between us and if i am harsh sometimes,i don't mean to be. sorry if i ever bittered you man!

Miss Dubai :Hey sugar!Thanx a lot for bringing here all this posotive energy and always be so nice and kind to me-from time to time,i didn't deserve it but anyway :p

Len :You are funny,usually having some interesting to say and also some very nice complimets that are always welcome!Thanx for being on my side...i am glad to know i have ppl as great as you with me :thumb:

Gogeta-Kel,or james (whatever :p ): i know i was a real b!tch in the begining and also i know i bittered you.But i have to say that you rule and that i would be silly to lose you ;) of caurse you have a serious problem...but...i won't let sheva get between us :D :LOL:

Martin :Thanx for putting up with me and for being so great moderator! :thumb:

Annie-Gigi's twin :I know where i can always find you and that's why i am not complaining for you being a little lost from this forum! You are a great of mine-the best with ana-and now,that we don't contact so much,it's an test for our friendship which i am usre it's gonna last for loooong time,right? :)

Vicky : YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! :D nothing more to say.simple,and clear!

Bahraini-Yousef :even when you are not here,you always remember me :cheesy: You are very nice and always sooo endlessly sweet...you can make even a wooden heart melt! :)

Serge :what if i tell you i have no idea what to write you??will you believe me?? the 2 of us use to get along...but latetly...i have the feeling that we have a wall between us... :rolleyes:

Forza Juve :you are a great girl...and it's a great thing to know that linkin park have so great fans as you are ;)

Tacchina,Enna,Tina -after tacchi's thread closed,i lost you girls :down: too bad cause i had great time with you :down: Hope you'll come back!

Arif -i enjoy very much reading your posts...always...you are funny and i think you are getting my way of joking ;) good for you ;)

Don Bes :I hope one day we'll be able to understand each other by one post,and not 10!! :LOL: bu seriously now,it's good to have you around. :thumb: really!

Fabiana :beautiful and sweet as always,you make the forum look better!! Thanx for being my friend! you are just,too good! :)

Mikhail : we had some interesting conversations at times ;)

Merma :thanx for the nice pictures!
Kurvengufluster -great avatar…
Genesio :thanx for all those compliments! ;)
Cool-girl :reall cool girl!

and the rest of ou guys:Iceblu,Holdon,Nedved,Forza ac Milan,ADP Timers,ahmed sabry,Glenn,Gandalf,Signor,Alessandro 10,Majed,Azzuri7,Jessica,Zambrotta,pendir,Ferrari^

thanx to all of you ppl.i guess i have reasons to thank you too....so don't some of you even DARE to wonde why's your name here.

i repeat,if i forgot someone...i am too sorry.


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Apr 3, 2003
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    thanx a loooot dear!and,may i ask for a present??

    a nice pic pf francesco??
    (but in his thread...)


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    Apr 22, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by Lilianna ] ++
    Gray :You make fun of me sometimes but it doesn't matter :p i know you love me and you know you were always special to me :flirt:
    Of course mate, I'm glad you know I'm joking :)

    It's good to have you around this place, I'm glad you're strong enough of character to stay here rather than run away from all the insults and hostility, which is what a lot of people would have done in your situation.

    Stay strong and keep up the good work :D


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    Feb 13, 2004
    Congrats Lili! U deserved it! :)
    BTW, I liked the title of this post! Some creativity there! Well done again and good to have u here ! :thumb:


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    Jul 30, 2003
    i dont really congragulate people on how much life they lost in front of the computer, but u for one deserve one. Its really took a strong will and character to stand all the thing said against you but here u still standing even celebrating a benchmark. ;)

    so congrats... :)

    u keep it on girl... there are many who really stand behind you all those times those times.. some even took them more personally than people thinks... so its really important that u keep on going..:)


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    Jan 9, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by Lilianna ] ++

    Vicky : YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! :D nothing more to say.simple,and clear!
    omg man, you're making be blush :embarass:
    thank you for bein so sweet, and i just wanted to let you know that i proud of you b/c of the way you're handling all this stupid talk that has been going on for a while now ;) i don't know if i could handle something like that
    so it's great to have you here
    and i'm planning on learning everything about Juventus in the nearest future so we can chitchat about all the cute players and stuff ;)

    The Arif

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    Jan 31, 2004
    congrats lilianna!!! :kiss:

    you deserved it...dunno why, but i always like your posts and i enjoy them reading :thumb:.

    keep up your good work ;)..

    juventuz forum wouldn't have been the same without you ;)

    congrats once again ;)


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    Nov 16, 2001
    Congratulations Lilianna. Good work

    I do not know you but I must say you have my full respect. I have never in my life "seen" anyone with so much character. People really bring up the chainsaw as soon as you post something but still you do not back down. I really think you deserve some credit for that. :)
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