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  1. The verdict - Calciopoli charges announced

    All in all, this is all faults of the stupid italian politicians!
  2. Michael Ballack?

    Emerson and Ballack had co-operation in Bayer Leverkussen
  3. Palacio to Juve?

    IMO this is another story without an end. Let's wait and see, :)
  4. Capello in for Ladesma

    Could we welcome Edgar back? That'll really be a big surprise, :-)
  5. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    There's rumors saying that miccoli will be cashed on. bs!
  6. Official: Giorgio Chiellini to Juve

    Hope he will not be the next moretti
  7. Nedved Wanted?

    No we can't. Fiat is now in enconomical crisis and can't invest in the team.
  8. Nedved Wanted?

    I doubt there'd be any team to buy piero for his high salary.
  9. SERIE A: Juventus - Udinese

  10. PRE SEASON: Juventus - Napoli

    It's Empoli, not Napoli
  11. Players You Really Love!!!!!!

    Ferrara Nedved Zambrotta Buffon
  12. Berlusconi Trophy

    Let's kick their ass!
  13. Who is Vincent Pericard?

    He did nicely in Portsmouth. But this season I doubt he will get too much opportunity. Good luck to him.
  14. Antonio Conte

    He'd better warm up bench in most matches.
  15. PRE-SEASON : Juventus - Manchester United

    To be honest, i don't like Maresca's performance in this match. He did nice in the first 10 minutes, but later he was wrong. The main reason that we(or our sub squad) lost is that we pass the ball too slow. So when the ball got into ManUtd's half field, their players had already been there to do...