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    Answer a question with a question.

    Yeeeeeess Exactly got it!
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    Who will win euro 2004

    I think Italy or Holland will win the Euro 2004:rolleyes:
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    Amr Diab Suffers a Second Heart-Attack

    I feel sorry for him:(
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    Answer a question with a question.

    I think the title explain the game!! Let's play: How old are you?
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    Which of these is good enough to start for Juve?

    Legrottaglie :touched:
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    Do you think Davids will stay at Juve next season?

    I think He'll leave on a free transfer :down:
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    Del Piero In the UAE

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    Want to know

    The Dentist :fero:
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    Choose a Member

    Ummmmmmmmmm:rolleyes: .. This idea came up on my mind yesterday … And I’d like share it with you :D It is like a game… You have to choose one of the members then you have to ask him/her a question… any question that you would like to know about… I’ll begin I’m going to choose dj juve...
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    new member !!!

    Welcome.... Hope u will enjoy your time..:)
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    Players Lookalikes

    :LOL: Cool thread
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    Del Piero In the UAE

    Nice pictures Tariq.. I wish I was in your place :fero:
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    Check your personality

    I think it is wronge :D
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    You're favorite drink

    Coffee ---->> can't live without it ;)
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    :: New wallpapers...juve stars.. ::