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    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Probably a joke in there hoping lol
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    Ignorant uneducated fool.... 1568356627 System of a down is Armenian not Lebanese, I know them personally.
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    Gonzalo Higuaín

    One of my all time favs, im so happy we ended up keeping him, im glad we kept Dybala as well.
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    Aaron Ramsey

    I have a feeling hes going to be one of those guys that gets an injury from a breeze of wind.....
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    Mauro Icardi - ST - *****

    good, let him go to napoli, we dont need him...
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    Blaise Matuidi

    sell sell sell now!
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    Mauro Icardi - ST - *****

    dont want this guy here.....
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    Matthijs de Ligt - CB - Ajax

    so when is our new poster boy arriving?
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    Mauro Icardi - ST - *****

    hes scored a ton of goals against us, maybe not won anything but he does play well against us, if you cant acknowlegde that then thats your issue.
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    Mauro Icardi - ST - *****

    hes another Juve "killer" like ROnaldo was, bring him on, I like him, just not his wife? lol we can have her shut no problem.
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    Douglas Costa

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    João Cancelo

    reports are hes going to be sold to MC
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    Mauro Icardi - ST - *****

    Doubt he comes to Juve...any reliable sources?
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    New Juve coach: Part Deux

    Just talked to the new coach, cant tell you who it is (classified) he told me Ronoldo will now be a defender/midfielder, Chielini is moving into the midfield, he told me he likes him on the ball, Pianic will be sold for a pack of smokes, WE will be paying some random team in brazil to take...
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    Bonnuci is one of the best passing defenders, and one of the best defenders in all of football. 1554839479 Ohhh, and Calcio Mercato is a joke, not credible at all, BS clickbait website.