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  1. The NBA Thread

    The fan voting is retarded and should not be a main factor. Zaza should have been starter as well couple of years ago? Steven Adams getting more votes than Jokic? D-Rose over Harden? Wade being second best guard in east? I'd like to see something like 1/4 fans, 1/4 media, 1/4 players and 1/4...
  2. [CL] JUVENTUS 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur [February 13th 2018]

    Yeah, I was kind of expecting similar reply to be first. :D
  3. [CL] JUVENTUS 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur [February 13th 2018]

    Since there are a lot of Danes around here. Can you suggest where i can watch the game in Copenhagen? My plane should land 19:50, so in theory I could make it to centre. There is O'learys sports bar in airport as well, but i'm not too sure if it shows the game. Their home page gives info...
  4. Juve-Ascoli

    3 goals from Treze :P Anyone have them?