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    Winter mercato thread 2020

    If we can't get a cheap loan deal or a free agent then we should just keep the current lot and put Can as 5th choice CB, he'd be happy for the playing time and most likely would be a better choice than most stop gap options that are available. The best option though would be if we could recall...
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    Serie A 2019/20

    The game just ended, wait a couple of minutes.
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    La Liga 2019/20

    Suarez out for the rest of the season.
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    Winter mercato thread 2020

    Playing some fantasy football here, but what do you think of replacing Pjanic with Verratti? There's plenty of The Sun level reporting that major clubs want to splurge big on Pjanic, and him nearing 30 years of age it'd almost be destiny that Verratti would come back to Italy to join the team he...
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    Internationals LIVE

    Can't believe Finland only need to beat Liechtenstein to be in their first ever Euros tournament in history. PERKELE! Greece never bailed their debts but tonight's result against Bosnia & Herzegovina covers that with interest.
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    [Serie A] Inter 1-2 JUVENTUS [October 6th, 2019]

    Well deserved win, dominated them throughout the game bar one or two slip-ups. Dybala, Pjanic and Bonucci stood out for me. Higuain was fantastic once he came on aswell and sealed the deal.
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    [CL] JUVENTUS 3-0 Bayer 04 Leverkusen [October 1st, 2019]

    Thank fuck Danilol and De Shitlio are injured so Cuadrado gets to cement his position as RB. Love that player, good to see him in the starting XI and performing like he does.
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    Those counter-attacks are slowly starting to look quite Sarri-esque
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    Maurizio Sarri

    Has he ever had a game where he has been better than "meh" or " just alright"? I think he is our worst mid by far: offers nothing offensively, very rash in defense and can make passes purely sideways. Highly overrated since day 1. Am I missing some key part in his game which makes him stand out?
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    João Cancelo

    I wouldn't have minded the sale if it meant we could invest it in someone who has the credentials or the potential to become a solid starter. Pellegrini to Spinazzola was acceptable, because we got financial gain and a much younger and exciting prospect who could give Sandro a run for his money...
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    lmao Danilo and De Sciglio dominating that right flank :tuttosport:
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    Moise Kean

    Stupid move, but in Paratici I trust, maybe he actually turns into Balo 2.0 like he so much hopes to become.
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    Moise Kean

    :sergio: remembered that he was more of a striker, that's actually more worrying then since they're offering Cenk Tosun away....
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    Moise Kean

    Sky Sports writes that Everton have made quite a bid for Wilfried Zaha (55mil pounds + Cenk Tosun + James McCarthy). Seems like they've moved on from Kean, altough Crystal Palace is in no need to sell due to selling Wan Bissaka so they might come circling back if the bid fails.
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    Merih Demiral

    Why are Milan so desperately after him though? They have a decent back-line, their broke-ass club should focus their funds on wiser targets, especially since he just moved here which means the price for him has to be super high for us to even consider.