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    Juventus U23

    Not that it matters in any way, but Olivieri's goal made it 2-2. Juventus U23 conceded 2 goals in 2 minutes.
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    Juventus U23

    You have missed one goal, it's 2-2.
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    Juventus U23

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    Claudio Marchisio

    As if it wasn't bad enough... "Problems for Vladimir Petkovic as Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland) is not able to play anymore. His injury is too serious and Silvan Widmer (Switzerland) replaces him."
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    [CL] Champions League 2014/15

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    Last day of mercato: #FalcaON #FalcaOFF edition

    was it Marotta who gave him directions? ;)
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    Mirko Vučinić

    "Read" in Cypriot (Greek) newspaper something about him and Olympiakos. However, these there the only words I could actually understand.
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    Martin Cáceres

    Well, he was with the team in Bologna. Do you guys consider that he could have been traveling home from airport and not from hookers? :D
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    [ITA] Serie A 2012/2013

    Penalty for that?..
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    [Serie A] Siena 1-2 JUVENTUS (7th Oct - 2012)

    Odar - kick the ball, strafnoy - free kick, padatshe - pass.
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    [Serie A] Fiorentina 0-0 JUVENTUS (25th Sept - 2012)

    Heard that Juventus had problems arriving in Florence. The flight was canceled and they had to use bus to get to the game.
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    Dimitar Berbatov - ST - Manchester United

    I rate it highly and it should be enough for you :)
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    There is only one word: JUVENTUS!
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    [Serie A] Cesena 0-1 JUVENTUS (25th-Apr-2012)

    Can't agree with you. Maybe Milanese jerseys were dry but not because they wanted, but because they couldn't. Ibrahimovic was dead after 70 min, tried to catch Bradley at one point and later spent a minute or so on the ground.