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  1. Danilo

    Why? He is what we have been missing ever since Barzagli left. He will play his best football at 34.
  2. [Serie A] Juventus 3-0 Sassuolo [August 15th, 2022]

    Without Pogba we have no central midfielder who drives forward with the ball (like Danilo did a couple of times today on the right). They are all looking to pass all the time. Maybe Fagioli could do it.
  3. Alex Sandro

    5 year contract now.
  4. Alex Sandro

    Vintage performance. Give the man a new contract.
  5. Leandro Paredes - CM/DM - PSG

    Am I the only one who is slightly positive? I am all for filling the squad with midfielders who are able to twist, turn and pass comfortably. Fagioli makes a better vice-Pogba in a more advanced role, from what I have seen.
  6. Winter mercato 2022

    I would be very surprised if we took such a risk.
  7. Paulo Dybala

    We have had plenty of right footed attacking strike forces too, such as legendary Vucinic, Matri, Quagliarella, or Del Piero, Trezeguet and Ibrahimovic (and later Iaquinta).
  8. Rodrigo Bentancur

    How does he compare to the all time king of stats, D'Agostino? The one that got away ...
  9. Daniele Rugani

    Maybe he found Jesus in Sardinia.
  10. [Serie A] Juventus 3-2 Sampdoria [September 26th, 2021]

    Quagliarella and Candreva. Flashbacks to 2010. :eek:
  11. Dejan Kulusevski

    He really was brilliant vs Spain last night. And comfortable playing as a support striker slightly to the left.
  12. Summer mercato 2021-22 poll

    There are too many unknowns to judge the mercato. We essentially swapped Ronaldo for Locatelli, Kean and hoping Dybala returns to his best. That's quite a gamble. - Will Arthur, Kean, Rabiot and Kulusevski finally live up to their potential? If not, we will definitely lack attacking quality and...
  13. Arthur

    If he returns fit and in good form, we might actually be able to field a pretty strong and balanced starting XI at times. It could make the whole difference to our season.
  14. [Serie A] Juventus 0-1 Empoli [August 28th, 2021]

    442/352 Danilo - Bonucci - De Ligt - Sandro Cuadrado - Bentancur - Locatelli - Chiesa Dybala - Morata
  15. Summer mercato 2021-22

    I smell the return of Moise Kean.