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  1. Shocking calculation!!

    It feels really gay in here all of a sudden
  2. Travel assistance in holland wanted!

    oh :D Opps my curiosity gets the better of me sometimes.
  3. Shocking calculation!!

    I love bashing on people online, i even love it when they bash on me.
  4. Chinese whispers forum style!

    Actually for once i was being serious same for about 4 people.
  5. Travel assistance in holland wanted!

    i already confessed to that :cheesy:
  6. Chinese whispers forum style!

    who was just saying that#?
  7. Dreams?

    yeah that really sucks. I think he just put that there to piss us all off
  8. Chinese whispers forum style!

    I would. Id beg you to comeback.
  9. Shocking calculation!!

    My kettle is blue and my pots are silver
  10. Shocking calculation!!

    We all have a life. Im pretty sure were all human beings in here right?
  11. Dreams?

    Yeah Martin is pretty cool aint he?
  12. Travel assistance in holland wanted!

    This is my alter ego
  13. Travel assistance in holland wanted!

    heh :cheesy:
  14. Dreams?

    I guess I could have this accounted renamed to River and the other renamed to pre-river or something. Oh wait Martin wont do that either! :D
  15. Travel assistance in holland wanted!

    Suuure ill go delete 999 posts, wait right here! Besides dont be dumb, i didnt do it for a reason, i dont really give a dam about post count. I did it because i felt like it, wanted to and it feels good.