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  1. SERIE A: Ancona - Juventus

    how long till the match begin??????
  2. JUVE, Happy moments, Sad moments

    I don't like this, but this thread becomes poem thread.......
  3. who is the most handsome player in juve?

    Do you forget our newest member???? LEGROTTAGLIE!!!! He's also charming....
  4. al saadi

    I really like him facing one on one with del piero so he could teach this guy some lesson...
  5. Gasbarroni & Paro

    from CM I reckon he's a dribbler type of player, let hope he's better than camoronesi
  6. Can You See Del Piero In Another Club?

    I better seen him out rather than nedved, he's ireplacceable
  7. Rooney Vs Miccoli

    Rooney is a great talent, but how about if he compared with miccoli??????? okay, they have the same best pace and coldheaded. But I think Miccoli slightly better than the overated rooney because Miccoli is more effective player. This guy can cross and pass as good as his...
  8. al saadi

    When I saw him on TV, this guy is a real crap...... he even doesn't know how to play football. but, the most annoying part is he's very arroggant, I heard his bodyguard killed 8 people just because they tease him. I said I don't like this player, he doesn't deserves to play in italy...
  9. Ruben Oliveira

    when moggi says a player is talented than the player is extremely talented and that player is olivera
  10. Formation for 2003/04

    -------------------------------BUFFON------------------------------------------- -------THURAM--------MONTERO------LEGROTAGLIE-----ZAMMBROTTA --------MICCOLI--------DAVIDS---------APPIAH------------NEDVED------ ---------------------------DEL PIERO-------TREZEGUET--------------------
  11. Juve earns most in Champions League!

    yeah.....with that big buck we might have surpass milan in the 3rd richest club in the world.
  12. who is the most handsome player in juve?

    there's new contender guys, legrotagllie!!!!!
  13. Players You don't want in Juve next Season!!

    out:zenoni, baiocco, zala, di vaio, salas in:seedorf,deco, mutu
  14. Moggi: Genious or just Lucky?

    I m interested in psycological abilities that Moggi told about. Maybe the point is to keep the winning mental of the juve players...we seen a lot of players who have high determination(davids,montero,chimenti and zammbrotta), profesionalism(del piero, thuram,Ferrara) that reflect on this squad...
  15. CL Prize

    How many $ do we get after got to the 2nd spot????