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    The Return Of Appiah

    Is it true? I hope it!
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    Claudio Marchisio

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    [Champions League] Juventus v Artmedia Bratislava (August 13th, 2008)

    Who was the Man of the match ? Del Piero
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    [Friendly] Roma vs. Juventus - August 11

    Thanck you,Angelal!
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    [Friendly] Roma vs. Juventus - August 11

    The result is not important.
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    Pavel Nedved

    New season, we need you,Pavel!
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    Trofeo Birra Moretti 2007

    Now, Juve is not last.
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    [WC] Italia vs Ghana [12-06-2006]

    Italia vs Ghana 3 : 0 Forza Italia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    Medical bulletin: Zebina Jonathan Zebina went out of the pitch last night at the Olimpico stadium because of a muscular fatigue. Its entity will be evaluated in the next few days.
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    Juventus-Udinese: the precedents Matches Total Juventus wins Ties Udinese wins Juventus goals Udinese goals Serie A matches in Turin 32 24 4 4 80 33 Serie A matches in Udine 33 20 10 3 61 22 Italian Cup matches 3 1 2 -- 5 2 Uefa Cup...
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    Juventus-Udinese: the history former players Thirty are the players that, in the course of history played both in Juventus and Udinese. The last time-wise is Giuliano Giannichedda, the strong mid-fielder that got to Juventus this season. Ploeger Johannes forward 1922 Manente Sergio...
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    Towards Juventus-Udinese Juventus championship goes on without any breaks. After a nice win against Ascoli and the unlucky Italian Cup challenge against Roma, Capello’s team gets back on the Delle Alpi pitch against Udinese on the fourth match-day of the second-leg turn. It will surely be a...
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    The 23rd match-day of the la test twenty years In the last twenty championships, Juventus won twelve times on the 23rd match day of the championship. Four draws and same amount of defeats. Juventus–Udinese was already played on the 23rd A Series match-day. It was March 2nd 1986, Juventus won...