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    Blaise Matuidi

    When your own players refuse to pass a ball to you, it's time to leave.
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    Marketing & Commerce

    Report: Serie A clubs give green light for €2.2bn CVC Capital talks
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Mohamed Bouhafsi: Tanguy Ndombele wants to leave Spurs. Juventus, Chelsea, and Barcelona are amongst the clubs interested in him.
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    Paulo Dybala

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    Andrea Agnelli

    Any valid source? He usually chooses his words carefully like many other CEOs / presidents
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    The Financial Situation

    At least someone is getting paid
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    Serie A 2019/20

    Pathetic club cannot take responsibility and they never will, being a "victim" is so much easier.
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    Any live stream ? this one fell apart
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    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Always loved him, great player. First mega transfer post calciopoli, i saw it like new begining for our club. Sign of ambition, willingnes to invest, to go for highest goals there is in football. Alway will look on him like that brighting star that reminds me/us that's when it started to look...
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    Blaise Matuidi

    recovering ball, grinta, stamina... some footage of that would be nice. I can't see any of that match after match
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    Matthijs de Ligt

    What a beast
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    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    €13m net per year :crazy::snoop: No wonder Barca cannot have profit, this kind of nonsense is one of the reasons, even their revenue is 650-700M.
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Looks like some promising striker, not Benzema like, probable reason why Zidane doesn't rate him. But dry loans should be avoided, especially for clubs our stature.
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    What a surprise...
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    Premier League 2019/20

    Pep said its nothing serious, will be fine. If there was torn ACL he would be screaming in agony, even limping wouldn't be possible. He was in stands/bench with other players