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    La Liga 2021-22

    And when we buy Locatelli for 35m, the whole of Italy goes mad...
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    Serie A 2021-22

    It seems that Lazio also has some untrainable players...
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    Federico Bernardeschi

    We should renew his contract twice, and give him a raise each time!
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    Weston McKennie

    And how many here laughed at @Alen and his analysis of McBurger... I would love to read a recap :D
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    General TV

    I watched 4 episodes, but since I'm starting a new job I can't find time to continue watching... IMDB and Totten Tomatoes score also looks promising. I just hope they stay on one season...
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    [Serie A] Spezia 2-3 Juventus [September 22nd, 2021]

    Hahaha, sometimes I miss those streams :D
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    General TV

    Have anyone watched Squid games? I stumbled on it on Netflix, it's a South Korean series, it's awesome, has great drama, and has almost perfect acting. I'm on the fourth or fifth episode (each one is almost 50mins) and while it has some cliches, it still has many unexpected turns and surprises.
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    Federico Chiesa

    Definitely, the only he can do now is produce little farts and send them free... Just like he produces his posts :D
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    Federico Chiesa

    Begin with Paritici's cock and then transition to his arse, and after that, you'll be ready to go fuck yourself...
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    Radu Dragusin

    And in my gym some idiot took 6 plates of 10kg's and 6 of 5 kg's instead of two plates of 25 kg's I was so mad now I'm half Indian.
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    Radu Dragusin

    Well, it had to be like this, Badass jinxed him... Sell ASAP!!!
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    Federico Cherubini

    Extend everyone and give them raise, Tici style!!!
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    And he played only one game for United and only one game for us, this shit is BS. It makes me hate him and his fanboys again...
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    Gianluigi Buffon

    In other news, it seems that Szczęsny ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.
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    I’m not good at photos, but I find these nice: