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    Can you introduce me some website?

    Introduce me some excellent websites about football, EPL, Calcio,.... or any website about football like goals, players, ... that you like most.
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    Name your favorite top 10 Juve player in order.

    So little fan of Zizou. Why???
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    What will you say with Bettega's comment?

    Yess, seeing Di Vaio missed chances, I can say that we miss him cruelly.
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    What will you say with Bettega's comment?

    Would you sacrifice Trez for 60m$ and buy new talented players to replace him? What would you choose? As for me, it's hard to leave Trez because he currently is the only perfect striker in this world. His finishing ability can't be compared by anyone. So how can Bettega find another who is...
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    Molina diagnosed with testicular cancer :(

    Hope you the best Molina
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    You think Lippi is stupid don't you? Will he let a player that is not good enough for a team like Juve to play as a first team player since the beginning of the season if other players are really better than him? And is the board stupid enough to buy useless and not having any ability for such a...
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    Why Trezeguet flatters to deceive

    How can you win the match if you don't have one who can score every time in your squad? Can Juve win if they have Heskey or Jason Robert in their squad? :D
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    Golden Ball For Del Piero

    I must say it's a must
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    Words from a Del Piero's bewitched fan

    Totti, how can he wear the number 10 when he always seems to lay his back on the opponents and then.... fall. I've never seen him face the defenders and round them.
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    'Magic moment' for Juventus hero

    Last week, he scored a goal at the final minute after fooling the goalkeeper. At a so tense time, the way he was so confident can tell us how great he is. I don't think any other strikers can keep the head at that time to round the GK and score.
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    Words from a Del Piero's bewitched fan

    One year ago, when I watched Alex play, I wondered whether he could return to his magic form again. And if any of you are old members of this forum then you could saw threads in which I asked others about this. Actually, I had to doubt it because although I saw in Alex his great skill and his...
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    'Magic moment' for Juventus hero

    Tuesday 1 October 2002 Juventus FC striker Alessandro Del Piero admitted that he has had a 'magic' start to the season after scoring twice in the 2-0 win against Newcastle United FC on Tuesday night. 'A magic moment' The Italian international struck in the 66th and 81st minutes to hand...
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    del Piero the protagonist- the player- the DIVER????

    Why did he have to dive? I see that in that position he could still chase the ball and score. I don't think he's so stupid to dive to wait for judgement from the referee while he could score more easilier.
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    Week 1

    Juventus - Atalanta 3-0 Modena - Milan 1-2 Bologna - Roma 0-1 Inter - Torino 3-2 Betis Sevilla - R. Madrid 2-2 Atletico Bilbao - Barcelona 1-4 Valladolid - Villarreal 1-0 Leeds - Man Utd 1-0 Chelsea - Newcastle 1-1 Merseille - Bordeaux 0-0
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    2002-2003 Prediction Game: Register Here

    Nowhereman, 12 September 2002