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  1. About Madrid..

    Madrid will win La Liga. It's sad to see so many people that hate such a good team. You keep bad mouthing superstar calibre players such as Ronaldo, Beckham and Figo. Champions League - Monaco played an amazing game, Guily was great, Morientes was magnificent. They outplayed a very tired...
  2. Beckham...

    why does everyone on here have something against Becks? Some of you make it seem like he has no talent whatsoever...he's one of the best passers, free kick takers and play makers in the game. Sure he hasnt won anything (trophies), but that doesn't take away the fact taht he's talented... im...
  3. UEFA Team of the Year.. Final Squad Announced

    I think Beckham deserves to be there.
  4. over-rated players?

    Beckham is overrated? You guys are on crack. Ronaldo is overrated? Please pass over whatever drugs you're taking because they seem to be working really well. The leading scorer of Liga is now considered overrated?!? He should be ashamed of himself for leading Liga in scoring, I mean how...
  5. serhi fedorov

    LEAFS all the way! Go Leafs Go. I hope CuJo gets to a team, he got screwed badly.
  6. champions league 2002-2003 dream team

    i cant believe no one picked Beckham as part of their dream team.
  7. Inzaghi: Beckham is useless

    my opinion is a biased one because i like Beckham...but i've always seen Inzaghi has a whiny complaining idiot who always got on my nerves...complaining on every single offsides call that i wanna throw something on the tv just to see him go away.... Serie A has all the talent? ya...
  8. Totti...

    he's so conceited, no wonder everyone hates him!
  9. MSN Messenger

  10. Younis Mahmoud

    its alright iraqi? and no one knows this player? i heard there is a player coming out of Yemen, he's in the under 17 league and he's really good.....anyone know who im talking about?
  11. Beckham is not a footballer: Pele

    well Pele always says stupid stuff, we should be used to it and not make a big deal out of it....act like its normal.
  12. Little Al should be banned...

    enjoy your stay talal
  13. Style

    ya miss sixty for girls is really good miss sixty makes a guys clothing brand called energie and i prefer that over DIESEL but its much more expensive...
  14. Footballplayer nicknames

    yeah still! they dont even need him....they have makay and elber....he dosnt even start when he deserves to...i hope he comes to Juve.
  15. Footballplayer nicknames

    thanks for the Roque Santa Cruz nicknames.....he's one of my fav players.