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  1. Chiellini at home with Juve

    For those that speak/know Italian... The interview mentions a "thick Tuscan accent" How would you describe a tuscan accent? Thank you.
  2. Adrian Mutu: Secret diary of Adrian Mole

    great post thanks so much
  3. [Serie A] Palermo-Juventus

    what a good day for AM huh. I saw the goals hopefully i can download the full match soon.
  4. Palermo VS Juventus Goal&Highlinght

    thanks for the goals, 2 good ones from AM
  5. [Serie A] Palermo-Juventus

    Thanks :D
  6. how about Quresma to Juve!

    haha how did ronaldinho get involved in this? a little bit of a different/much harder player to get.
  7. how about Quresma to Juve!

    Here is the goal. FC Porto v. Rio Ave
  8. how about Quresma to Juve!

    Don't know if you guys saw but Ricardo Quaresma has got the #1 goal in Eurosports top 50 goals of 2005. It was a beauty I'll post a link in a few. He's still partially owned by Barca but I'm not sure if they just get a percentage of the sale if he is sold from Porto or if Barca get first option...
  9. [Serie A] Juventus - Cagliari

    forza am30! :)
  10. [Serie A] Juventus - Cagliari

    I've looked all over and I can't seem to find the game. Im back home and we have RAI here but they're not showing it either.
  11. Video from training vs Chisola??

    Thats what I figured...worth a try though.
  12. Video from training vs Chisola??

    I am hoping someone's got video from yesterday. Thanks a lot!
  13. Home Strip

    I've got the away with Nedved. I love it :). I knew the away was going to be much different next year and the home always will have the stripes. Plus it was a good deal.
  14. The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    Im a big fan of Adrian (as if it weren't obvious) but I feel that some of the people that don't want Mutu at Juve should at least give him until the January window to see what he can produce.
  15. Best player of the last decade

    I voted...and my vote has 0% :confused: