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    Siena Vs Juventus

    megaupload is a pain in the ass..... The service is always unavailable in my area.....
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    Palermo Vs Juventus

    Any downloadable goals and highlights?? Please?
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    Lazio Vs Juventus

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    Juventus Vs. Real Madrid (Peace Cup)

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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    I got his autograph and held his hands when he came to Hong Kong a few years back. Here's the pic while he was giving me his autograph, the gold envelop thingy he was holding, was a wedding card from me and a few fans :
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    NEdved all goals in Juventus

    Agree. I'm chinese and yet I still find this method quite unnecessarily troublesome.
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    Juventus - Lazio

    Would love to have that too....please....
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    Juventus - Lazio

    So lost with the page...don't know where to click... Would love to have an English commentary version...
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    Juventus Vs Inter

    Any full match downloads?? Please?
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    UCL: Juventus - Chelsea 1/8 2nd Leg

    Thank you so much!!!
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    UCL: Juventus - Chelsea 1/8 2nd Leg

    x2... please
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    Torino Vs Juventus

    Any SKY highlights (downloadable) please??
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    sky-24-all goals-22-11.08 (Saturday)

    Don't we have an Inter-Juve multimedia thread this time??
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    Juve per sempre DVD Corriere dello sport

    Downloaded all 8 dvds now...Thanks so much
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    Juve per sempre DVD Corriere dello sport

    It says the torrent file is invalid: Invalid becoded value (data after valid prefix)