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  1. a little help here people

  2. The Azzurri Are Truly Back!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. italy vs. gerogia online

  4. italy vs. gerogia online

    i ended up listenin to it of rai italia, its a good job im italian so i understood it, turned out to be quite a good match in the end
  5. italy vs. gerogia online

    alright calm down so i put it here does it really matter its a mistake not life or death
  6. italy vs. gerogia online

    i dont no how 2 change it, neva mind
  7. italy vs. gerogia online

    sorry my bad i meant georgia but do u no where i can watch it
  8. italy vs. gerogia online

    wat im confused
  9. italy vs. gerogia online

    does any1 no which websites will be showin the match any1 got ne ideas thanks
  10. del piero or totti?

    delpiero is the worlds greatest footballer
  11. everybody wants Maresca

    bring back the cenz
  12. Who has more sexual power - men or women ?

    i think we women definately have more power i mean we can make men do anything 4 us wen reall want, we can also make men do wot we want n we don't even no it, we also have power without men feelin inferior to us. the best thing is we can have power in a sexy way and most men like that .
  13. -what are u currently listenin to?-

    marqous houston. that girl
  14. who owns the media in ur country

    :confused:i've recently started college and i'm doing sociology, which is how people behave in society and wot the media does. i was really interested wen we spoke of different mass mediass such as mags newspapers tv sms billboard all these things can influence. we also discussed the media...
  15. you got served

    i saw this film in the summer it's a great film for r'b lovers dance, street lovers it's great and the eye candy is fab for the ladies marquous houston and omarion. eevry1 should see it if u've seen it feel free to post ur opinions