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  1. Please rate these strikers:

    According to their performances in the last season: Morientes 10 Drogba 9 Gilardino 9 Vieri 8,5 Del Piero 8,5 Trezeguet 8 Miccoli 8 Mutu 7 Di Vaio 6,5 Smith 6 Generally: Morientes 9 Vieri 9 Del Piero 8,5 Trezeguet 8,5 Drogba 8 Gilardino 8 Miccoli 8 Mutu 8 Di Vaio 6...
  2. Jérôme Rothen wants Juve

    Of course, I know they were not unknown players. I wanted to stress the problem of waiting. Waiting and waiting, leaving other clubs buying the best players.
  3. Moggi and the trasfer market of Juve

    What do you think of Morientes. He used to be good in madrid and now he showed real quality in a smaller club. Perhaps he would be better than Vieri or Gilardino. But what about del Piero then?
  4. Jérôme Rothen wants Juve

    We should "risk" and buy him. Not waqit like we did when Milan bought Nesta, Inter Cannavaro and Roma W. Samuel. Rothen seems to be ond of the best wingers at the moment. Waiting should mean only a greater price for him, or leaving him to some Real Madrid, Chelsea or Inter (they always buy...
  5. Mutu, once again...

    Buffon Thuram Ferrari Lucio Zambrotta Tacchinardi Fiore Maresca Del Piero Mutu Gilardino
  6. why are we so stupid we don't buy rivaldo?

    Rivaldo? Used to be an excellent player, but is no more. Age. Age is inevitable. Montero, Ferrara and Pessotto facing the same problems. Thuram probably in two years time.
  7. Ranierri will coach juve?

    The only problem is that Juve was not loaded to succeed this year at all. And does not seem to succeed in the following season if something is not changed. Lyon played in CL quarter-final. Monaco plays in semi-final. Probably in the CL final. Marseille in UEFA cup semifinal. How many Italian...
  8. After Perugia match

    Sadly, but Nedved is growing old. He'll soon be 32. Like Thuram. Trez? He could stay and play like he used to two-three years ago. But I think it is not realistic. I think Di Vaio is never going to be for Juve's first 11. Miccoli could. But he should be given a chance. Del Piero? As long as...
  9. After Perugia match

    Šuker and Mijatović were excellent in their first Real Madrid season (1996/7). Real got the national title after many years, and Šuker was the second scorer of primera (after Ronaldo). Next season (1997/8) Mijatović scored against Juve in CL final. And Šuker was left on the becnh during the...
  10. pink jersey!!whats wrong with it??

    Which colours are most unsuitable for a jersey? Pink and orange and green (Werder's combination of green and orange is causes pain ion eyes). I preferred the old classic black&white combination (now worn by Siena)
  11. What We Could Do

    So, you would get 3 or 4 really good players. Me too. But Moggi has to sell someone. Certainly Di Vaio. Whom else?
  12. 30 Top Players available for FREE this summer

    Isn't he too old?
  13. Tudor To Arsenal

    Of course!!! (Stupid. i could I have forgotten)
  14. Tudor To Arsenal

    BTW, how many Croatian players have ever played for Juve? I know Jarni and Tudor. Anyone else?
  15. Tudor To Arsenal

    Thank you. BTW, Kaštela is a part of Dalmatian (i.e. Croatian) coast ecologicaly destroyed by chemical industry.