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  1. Milan-Juventus

    i want to know how the guy from XTRAtime feels now hahahahah
  2. [Serie A] Juventus - Bologna

    you make milans game look too easy i dont think they have an easy task but they can make it to the final
  3. zambrotta to chelsea????

    lsn guys ronaldinho went to barca for 30 million so anything higher than that would be great
  4. [Serie A] Chievo - Juventus

    lets hope we win and they lose
  5. [Serie A] Chievo - Juventus

    forza juveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love olivera now
  6. [CL] Juventus - Real Madrid

    i hope we get to the final again and win on milan our players badly want to take revenge for the game we lost 2 years ago
  7. [CL] Juventus - Real Madrid

    “Last time we came here, they knocked us out even though we had a 2-1 lead in the aggregate score, this time it’s 1-0, so it’s better. Furthermore both Ronaldo and Raul were in terrible shape back then because of injuries they had suffered, while now they are in top form, “ he said. “I...
  8. [CL] Juventus - Real Madrid

    zalayeta is really a great and loyal player i mean like if anyone else scored such crucial goals, he would never be ready to sit on the bench and would be complaining like a ***** but ZALAYETA proved he is a great player thank you for helping us zalayeta
  9. [CL] Juventus - Real Madrid

    thank you guys i think they both desrve it i didnt see nedved on the field worried now anyone knows when he'll come back?
  10. [CL] Juventus - Real Madrid

    man of the match??(the official one not your ratings:)
  11. [CL] Juventus - Real Madrid

    forza la juve la juve la juve guys do u know who was selected as the man of the match i think camoranesi deserves it
  12. Juve song

    thank you guys can anyone translate it for me im persian and dont speak italian thank you
  13. God

    can u close this thread we all have enough sins and dont need anymore that can come once we start questioning about GOD
  14. Juve song

    hi guys i heard a song about juve its goes like forza la juve la juve la juve (i think its for colonne sonore, not sure) can anyone post it here please can anyone tell me what the words mean?
  15. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    now we can add lecce's match to the list of matches in which we conceeded a lot of goals with legro playing!!