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    Franco Cristaldo/Adrián Cubas watch

    It does indeed seem like who owns the remainder? And surely we will move to take 100% of his playing rights...I thought FIFA outlawed this wretched TPO routine in 2015? The deal must have been in place before then and will still be honoured?
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    Moise Kean

    As far as I know...We were eager to tie him down to his first professional contract - for obvious reasons - soon after he turned 16. Raiola was demanding a loan to foreign lands in order for Kean to sign. Which were not eager for. Thankfully, we have strong relations with his parents, and his...
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    Franco Cristaldo/Adrián Cubas watch

    I thought that Boca owned only a % of Bentancur, so our 9.4m option due to be confirmed before april of next year is to purchase their %? Yet what of the third party involved in his ownership?
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    Co-owned and Loaned Juve players

    Juve Youth Sector update 17th December (old yet still of some value...) With the seniors going from strength to strength, the complete destruction of our cross town rivals in the coppa italia hopefully enough to recover joy and vigour for the majority of our flock after the champions league...
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    Franco Cristaldo/Adrián Cubas watch

    Vadala has been in good form of late, as the primavera has settled into a decent shape with consistently good results leaving us top of our league and through to the quater-finals of the coppa, where we will face Genoa in early January. I've begun writing about the youth squad for the juvefc...
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    I haven't been particularly impressed with Coman, other than his pace and confidence. The buy-out price is handsome enough. How much was he going to play this season at Juve? Berardi we have retained our stake in, it just looks different to a co-ownership. And the player himself has not yet...
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    Vajebah Sakor

    He will have his pal from the primavera, Younes Marzouk for company...also... with Mame Thiam not far away (who has a fair amount of solid Serie B experience) who was sent to Belgium on loan to Zulte Waregem. Big Mame is already playing int he first XI and picked up his first goal recently.
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    Ouasim Bouy

    Last season was more about training regularly and getting some decent experience for Pana...It was always unlikely he would become a first XI regular. Got a bit of experience in the Europa and some more in a fairly decent league. Now let him return home to Holland and see what he can do. This...
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    Alberto Masi

    Crunched his leg, maybe a fracture...I cannot recall before Christmas and never made it back into the first team of Ternana who finished mid table. We took Brignoli of their hands in February in exchange (pretty much) for the 50% of Masi we had retained. The young keeper was first choice between...
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    Mauricio Isla

    Anyone who understands the game, has seen Vidal throughout his time in our colours and watched him regularly this last season will surely be of the opinion that he returned from the world cup still recovering from his knee operation. He had very little sharpness, both defensively and...
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    Guido Vadalá

    Keep seeing these posts...Nobody here is able to tell you anything new on the matter other than what we have seen in the friendlies. Alongside several other promising youngsters (Tello, Parodi and co.) Vadala is getting a taste. We are fairly stacked up top in the senior side. Perhaps in a coppa...
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    Co-owned and Loaned Juve players

    Depends hugely on how well he heals, in terms of Mattiello, yet Chievo obviously thought he was worth keeping on loan so his promise beforehand must have been very encouraging indeed. A double fracture is probably less harsh than an ACL, and the surgeon was happy with the job (as were Chievo) so...
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    Simone Zaza

    Spot on, mate. These buy-back clauses are simply a way around the co-ownership routine and a guaranteed profit and payment for the feeder club to keep playing and developing the players destined for greater things. It's new-age Co-ownership. And seems to suit Beppe's loan and right to purchase...
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    Simone Zaza

    nonsense...It is nothing of the sort. vidal and dybala are separate deals for separate players. There is no comparison whatsoever. The actual financial cost of Zaza seems to be 11.5m. Or you can look at it in a different, rather convoluted and illogical way of...Sassuolo agreed to pay us 7.5m...
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    Simone Zaza

    Perhaps someone can kindly confirm or correct my financial wrangling of the Zaza move... We picked him up for 3.5m 100%, then sold 50% to Sassuolo for 2.5m. Leaving us 1m for 50%. Sassuolo then purchased his remaining 50% for 7.5m. Leaving us 6.5m in profit on the deal, yet with set buy-out...