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    European affairs

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    Books you're reading

    Lgor Digital Detox 23 Richard Russo: Mohawk 10/10 Richard Russo: Nobody's Fool 10/10 Richard Russo: Everybody's Fool 10/10 Richard Russo: Somebody's Fool 10/10 Richard Russo: Empire Falls 10/10 William Faulkner: Flags in the Dust 10/10 William Faulkner: The Unvanquished 10/10 William Faulkner...
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    Europa League 2023-24

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    Bundesliga 2023-24

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    Happy Birthday Ser ;)

    Happy Birthday Ser ;)
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    Champions League 2022-23

    But what are you gonna do? Obviously you can't sustain and fuel deep international runs on ~8% of Bayern's wage bill or ~20% of Dortmund's and RBL's wage bill or ~50% of Leverkusen's wage bill Oh and Gladbach, Hoffenheim, Hertha and Schalke also have higher wage bills. Since 17/18, instead of...
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

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    Eljero Elia

    Wittl :sad:
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    Juventus Women

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    Juventus Women

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    Future coach

    When I see fit
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

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    [Europa League] Nantes 0-3 Juventus [23rd February, 2023 18:45 CET]

    dantes dantes dantes with my hantes hantes hantes in my pantes pantes pantes