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  1. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    I think it could be THE PERFECT CRIME...:LOL: My fear is to find some bid regarding Nedved or Trezeguet with a little note like "interesting" or something like that...:fero:
  2. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    JUVENTUS FOOTBALL CLUB and a flag...nothing else. We are so reserved....
  3. Inter player's and officals reaction to match

    I'm sorry to disagree you...but I think the penalty for Inter was Huge. By the way, I think "who cares?". Inter went out, they're angry and I'm happy. Moratti spent 600 millions Euros since he is Inter president....where is inter? God bless 5 of May forever!!:LOL:
  4. Inter player's and officals reaction to match

    Yes, the penalty for us was quite clear. I don't remember if it was against di vaio or against legrottaglie, but it was clear. The referee didn't make a good job. That's all.
  5. Inter player's and officals reaction to match

    I watched the match. There was a penalty for inter (emre) and an other one for juve (legrottaglie, but nobody is talking about that). Pellegrino didn't see a bad foul against VCieri (Montero) and a couple of times the referee wronged the decisions on off sides (Adriano). Personally, I...
  6. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    Well, Milanello is where Milan have trainings...I've never seen Milan headquarter, please Incubo, post a picture of that.
  7. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    I don't know...maybe inside. I didin't get in, Moggi was too busy to talk to me...:LOL:
  8. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    Corso Galileo Ferraris N. 32 10128 Torino telephone (add international code) 011.65631 dial this number and ask for Moggi...then tell him to buy a first class defender!! how to find it
  9. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    ...I'm sorry, that's the sad reality. Now you know why Moggi doesn't want to spend money during the transfert market...they don't have money! (I'm kidding).
  10. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    Shall we go together?
  11. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    yes, you're right!
  12. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    Well maybe Moggi or Giraudo if you're luck...but I've never seen them.
  13. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    the last one
  14. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    an other one
  15. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    Some pics of juventus headquarter