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  1. Any forum tips?

  2. Camoranesi's Nationality

    Batistuta is half-Italian? DANG! :down:
  3. Comparison between Fresi & Ferrara

    Ferrara's still excellent! I'd definitely start him instead of Fresi.. but Tudor-Montero would come first :)
  4. Marcelo Salas

    Yeah River is supposedly interested in Salas.. and I don't think Salas would hesitate to return to a club and supporters which idolised him no? And in the meantime we can swipe.. uh convince River to part with D'Alessandro and Cavenaghi :D
  5. The Most Popular Team In Europe

    Definitely.. their popularity in asia shadows Real or Juve IMO because of their exposure and them opening their shops everywhere.
  6. The Most Popular Team In Europe

    I'd say Man Utd but we all know that many of their supporters are "fashion supporters" so their popularity might dwindle if they're empty handed this season again :D Real definitely comes after that...
  7. Juve-Como

    Olivera didn't play? That's saddening.. It's these kind of matches that Lippi should give our younger players a chance to show their worth. Anyway anyone seen the match? How did Juve do?
  8. TOP 20 Central Defenders

    I still rate Nesta as the best centre-back. It's saddening that we didn't land him in the summer as we'd garunteed ourselves a good defence for the years to come with no offence to Ferrara and Montero who are good but they're old. Ferdinand is definitely overrated and not worth the 30mil ManUtd...
  9. Depth in midfield..

    Salas is definitely not useless.. He can double up as a winger and a striker when he plays because his movement is tremendous.. I don't see why we should sell him apart from the fact that he may not play as often as he'd like.. and not sell him because he's "useless".
  10. Why Trezeguet flatters to deceive

    I have to say I disagree with you gil.. to me, trez is a natural finisher and a poacher in the penalty box. Every team needs someone to finish off moves. And trez isn't suspect as far as his technique is concerned.. I agree that his movement is somewhat.. "limited".. but he has good technique...
  11. Marcelo Salas

    I think it's Rampulla :D
  12. Our midfield

    And everyone know's Juve isn't one who will splurge.
  13. Juventus Vs Newcastle

    Definitely agree with you there.. Juve's weakest link is still their midfield.. Tudor is a defender who's just thrown into the wrong place.. and Ruben is rotting on the bench.. No disrespect to Lippi but the midfield is something he has to seriously look at improving (at least tactically with...
  14. Our midfield

    Well not yet anyway :D