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    tactics and formations

    I actually think this is a very good formation, I can't see juventus playing this season with either Camo or Ned on the bench. Both should be starters as both are potential game winners! so who would take the remaining two midfield spots? are Tiago or Almiron capable of co-existing? I only...
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    Trofeo Birra Moretti 2007

    is it over?
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    Trofeo Birra Moretti 2007

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    Treatment table report/the Igor Tudor thread

    I remember that goal! was watching the game live on TV! one of my favorite games! :)
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    an ageing central defence - a problem?

    our defenders are great! both of our central defenders (canna & thuram) are in peak physical condition. I believe a player like thuram will still be able to maintain the high level of football he playes for another 3 or 4 years! the guy is fit! the more experienced they are the better...
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    Who is the player Juventus would miss the most and why?

    Buffon! for sure! he is the backbone of the team! he inspires the team to push forward as they can worry less about their defensive responsibilities and think offensively!
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    Player with most responsability on the pitch

    It is tough but i agree with all the people who said it would be our midfield! I would usually say Emerson, but he already proved himself last season! this should be an easier year for him as he has cover from Viera! who wants to prove that he has what it takes to make it in Serie A! i...
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    Champions league list

    He scored a brace for Romania in yesterday's qualifiers! :)
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    Is our transfer system wrong?

    Well everyone now is arguing that Juventus is not nurishing the young talents! Blasi was given a chance last year and he flopped it! Juventus management and us (the supporters) are not patient at all! we want results right away, and if the results don't come we will nag about not spending much...
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    New boys satisfy Moggi

    Alot of arabs use this forum and as we respect the rest of the members we would appreciate it if we were treated with respect!
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    Bye bye Appiah?

    darn!!! why do young talents perform wonders when they are at different clubs! when they come to juventus! they don't live up to whats expected from them Henry, Micolli, Maresca, Appiah, Legro and the list goes on and on
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    Kuffour is good!!!!! get him! he would do well!
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    with the current team, if no one joins! i don't think i will want to watch our campaign!!! it is enough each and every big team tore us apart last season! i don\t want to watch it again this season!!! Moggi get us the damn players we need!!!! ODDO or Bonera would be good!!!!
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    Moggi about mercato

    come on! Bonera is good!!!! i have seen him play last season! and he is definitly better than thuram! (last season) give him a break! i think he would be better than any other player we currently have in that position!
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    Vote: Have we lost touch with targets and transfers????

    well i would like to discuss the Mexes Issue!!! is this guy over rated? i have not seen him play, so i don't want to be the person to critisize him without knowing his game! but to be honest! if he is stuch an amazingly hot prospect of french football as everyone claims he is! why didn't he...