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  1. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    i was in torino during 23-29 of january and as you can see, didnt saw any juve match:(. it was a skiing trip mainly, but at least i made one dream to come true - visit the juvestore:D. next time i book flights to torino, ill take a look at serie a calendar and hopefully see a juve match. saw...
  2. Juve games on TV/radio/internet

    please post the link quicly~!!!
  3. memory game

    yes, theese 2 are right:thumb:.but still waiting for the 3rd;)
  4. memory game

    i ask a question, u answer:angel: tell me the 3 juventus player who had a problem with drugs?
  5. [Poll]Cell Phones

    i have alcatel;)
  6. Let's Get Connected

    tallinn:)......and much better places here than tallinn is, u can be shure about that:) btw, what wind brings u in tallinn?
  7. juventus shirt for little juventus fan

    yes, its for sale.or you want to change it to some thing? you actually got that option:)
  8. managerzone

    anybody plays? great game.if anybody wants to challenge me, my team is fc juve and username is kaala:)
  9. do you like estonians?

    Fliakis was saying that nobody here likes estonians.what do you think? :D
  10. Let's Get Connected

    are you shure:D? i will make a vote, lets see:D
  11. juventus shirt for little juventus fan

    i have one kappa shirt for little juventus fan, i can show tyhe pictures in msn.its 140-155cm guys shirt
  12. Let's Get Connected

    who wants to talk, add me, username is juvekaala
  13. Language Threads

    if anyone needs to say something in estonian, call me:) maybe you want to meet estonian chicks:D go to ;)
  14. [CL] FC Bayern Munich - Juventus FC

    so, does anybody have a link where i can watch live????????