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    See what Gattuso says

    Hate em both. We will be back and show those assholes. Milan shouldnt of been in CL anyway and inter only won serie a cos we werent there.
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    Back To Serie A!!!

    Wooooooooo back in A, where we belong.
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    Snooker: Winner

    It was a great final even though on sunday night it didnt look like it would be. I hope Stephen hendry wins another title, he is my fave ever player. I used to watch back in the 90s when he dominated snooker and he deserves another world title i think
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    Ultimate Classic Juventus team

    I made the team on pro evo. Editted one of the blank teams into classic juve and redid the kit, badge and players that werent already on it. Line up Buffon Zambrotta-Scriea-Gentile-Cabrini Tardelli Platini-Sivori-Nedved Del Piero-Boniperit Subs Zoff Ferrara Pessotto Charles...
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    Ultimate Classic Juventus team

    Im gonna make this team so any ideas for subs too? On pro evo you can fit like 24 players in a team. Maybe pessotto, tacchinardi, zoff etc
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    Hi im New

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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Happy bday DP!
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    [Serie B] Juventus VS Frosinone (10/28/06)

    Forza DP. Congrats, 200! :D :weee:
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    The...I want this player to Juve thread

    Huntelaar would be perfect. He is one of my fave players
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    {SI} Football Manager 2007

    :lol: I thought i may as well spend all the transfer money seeing as its only a demo and i had less than a million. Montero got a 9 on his debut, wonder how many matches it will take before he gets sent off.
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    {SI} Football Manager 2007

    Yeah i have found it easy so far. Havent lost a game yet, won most of them by 3 goals or more. Its quite hard to sign players even though i didnt need to sign anyone as the teams strong enough for B. I ended up signing muntari for 5 million, montero for 100k, iuliano for 350k, lassana diarra...
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    Juve chances in promotion to Serie A

    No point worrying about it just yet. I am still confident we can get promotion.
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    Serie B: Rimini vs Juventus [09/09/2006]

    Eurosport showed quite a few serie b matches last season and im pretty sure they are showing our game tomorrow.
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    I think MON will do well for us, hes getting more out of the players then o leary ever did. I went to the two home games and the players seem more motivated and working harder. Lerner will give us about 50 million i think so in january expect to see some signings
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    Birra Moretti Trophy: Juve vs Napoli vs Inter [08-11-06]

    At least we earned this trophy, eh javier zanetti?