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    Ciro Ferrara

    Ciro Ferrara has let nobody down. He is Juventino to his heart, the club he came to has replaced Napoli as his home. As a true fan of the club he could never have turned down the job when it was offered in the summer. Even then the club treated him badly, openly courting Gasperini & Conte before...
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    Coppa Italia: JUVENTUS 1-2 Lazio [04/22/2009]

    God I hope we win tonight, season being over in April wouldn't be fun.
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    Claudio Ranieri

    OK. Here's my post again just to clear up any confusion. Cesare Prandelli :lol: :lol: :lol: :shifty: :D :eyebrows: ;) ;) Hope that covers it.
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Wasn't saying he's inept cos he didnt do as I said, I said it cos its true. Yes we did equalise after his changes, my point was why replace a creative player when your losing? Ranieri made 2 wasted subs, swapping Giovinco & De Ceglie was prettymuch like for like. The subs made not much...
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    Claudio Ranieri

    Oh sorry, didn't realise I needed to add a smilie in order for my post to be regarded as sarcastic these days.........
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Yes I am. We were losing, no matter we were down to ten men, if Inter score again so what? Losing is losing, we needed goals, & without a win we were handing them the title, bringing off Del Piero is a bad decision. So was wasting a sub changing left backs, Molinaro should've made way for Seba...
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    Claudio Ranieri

    Cesare Prandelli
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    Tiago Mendes

    No Tiago isnt our worst player. Can you think about what that actually means? Holy shit we have some BAD players now!
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    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    Too true.
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    Mauro Camoranesi

    way way before.
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    cos he know's if our manager wasnt a fucking retard that he'd still be on the field & we might actually have created another shot
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    Sebastian Giovinco

    That looks like the translator he had when he 1st came to Chelsea has been at it again......
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    MOST USELESS GAME EVER [04/18/2009]

    spot on comments Mike, Nedved was amazing but even he knows that day is gone.
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    Claudio Ranieri

    If Ranieri really does blame Seba for us conceding 6 goals in 2 games then he's either; A - a complete idiot who blames a player playing LM for our defence being shit thanks to his tactical ineptitude, Secco being useless in transfer market & nobody being dumb enough to buy Zebina from us yet...
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    Which tactic would you use or prefer for Juve?

    I cant deal with Ranieri being our manager anymore! How much longer do we have to put up with a babysitter in charge of the country's biggest club? Saturday night highlighted all the problems & was our season played out over 90 minutes. We saw the following (which everyone knew already); Gigi...