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    Your Dream Team......

    The best for a 352 formation my Dream team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (max 7 subs allowed I guess) ------------------------------------Buffon------------------------------- ------------Nesta----------Cannavaro---------W. Samuel--------...
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    Your Dream Team......

    my Dream team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (max 7 subs allowed I guess) ------------------------------------Buffon------------------------------ J. Zannetti---------------Cannavaro-----------Nesta-------------R. Carlos ----------------------------Emerson------------Davids----------------...
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    Would you leave?

    I started supporting Juve because i hated Milan!!!!!!!!!!! I support Barca too because i hate, really hate Real Madrid. Some people like me start supporting because they cant stand the arrogance shown by others. I am a Juve fanatic thats for sure. 100% anti Real, 100% anti MILAN and 200% anti...
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    Would you leave?

    Damn i remember that goal!!! I almost didnt mind lossing the final!!! Crespo did it again against Bordeux in the 1999 Uefa cup. That made me a Crespo fan too
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    SERIE A: Juventus - Roma

    I think we are in trouble this time!!! They look very solid everywhere. The best we will get this time is a draw nothing more. Unless Nedved gets his acts together and plays at 200%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juve 0-2 Roma is my prediction. 3pts for us is definately out of question
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    Top Ten Teams In The World!!

    My top Teams 1. Real Madrid 2. Juventus 3. Inter Milan 4. Milan 5. Bayern M 6. Chelsea 7. Man U 8. Roma 9. Barcelona 10. Deportivo National Sides 1. Brazil 2. France 3. Argentina 4. Italy 5. Holland 6...
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    Your 3 favorite Serie A teams

    COME ON! Mine are 1. Juve 2. Juventus 3. The old lady ............ n. Bianconeri
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    Serie A Team of the Year

    JUVENTUS the whole Juventus squad
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    Black And White

    Pink the original colours of Juve. Extinct since the turn of the previous century. better than feeling like a Laziali
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    Black And White

    whatever you say Alex. Its YOUR site. But Iam sure a black and white theme will have been great. And I am sure most Juve fans think like me. May be you should start a poll.
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    ..::CL FINAL::.. Juventus - Milan

    by the way This is Juve's 7th final(8th for Milan). And i dont buy this bullshit about continental-oriented players blablabla. When you check the history of the competiton you will see Milan won there titles when they were doing well in Serie A. The early 90s was a peroid of total milan...
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    Celtic and Rangers to the EPL

    This will surely make the EPL or whatever its name will be THE BEST league on the planet.
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    Juventus Quotes

    i think i read almost every paper on the planet after the demolition of Real. A banner at the at the "curva sud" at the Delle Alpi during that epic match read "After the 27th comes 28th" refering of course to the final on May 28th. That should be our motto for the coming days. Let the Old...
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    Black And White

    an experimental page martin! Please! viva Bianconeri
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    Your favourite transfer target.