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    [Serie B] Juventus - Brescia

    503 on Juventus!
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    Del Piero - Juventus Legend Compilation

    Wow, big file! Downloading, thanks for taking the time to bring us more videos of our legendary captain!
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    [CL] Valencia - Roma

    20 on the Italians. Big odds, they've been scoring alot. Don't hate me anti-Roma fans, it's just for the money :P
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    Which Player's Exit Was Most Dissappointing?

    1.Zambrotta - The most useful player inh the world. 2.Cannavaro - The best defender of today, captain of Italy.
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    50 Ways to Mess With People in a Computer Lab

    After reading these, you nickname makes sense now.
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    [serie B] Juventus - Vicenza

    Forza Juve.
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    Post of the month: August - voting

    My vote for Bozi
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    How do you see Movies?

    I go to the movies once or twice a month, but usually watch my movies on my DVD player. And I do that ALOT!
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    Life's so cruel...

    I'm so sorry Lilianna. Unfortunately this is something everyone has to deal with in life. We come to care so much about only a few people, and in an instant it can all come to an unfair end. May his soul rest in peace and I hope your life will have more good times than bad.
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    What girls do at college

    :disagree: Some things should just be kept to yourself.
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    Rep mistake

    I mistakenly left negative rep to instead of positive rep.:oops: Any way to fix that?
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    the magic little green pill

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    Birindelli: “The Coppa Italia is fundamental this year”

    Yeah, Europe next season through the Coppa is the only way if currently in Serie B, so we can't argue with that.
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    Friendly Match {Italy - Croatia} (16/8/2006)

    That sure was embarrassing.
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    I'M BACK

    Welcome back! Nice to hear from you.